Asalaamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

Umm Assad speaking…a wife, mother and business woman. I gave up 9 years of working as a social carer to become a full time homeschool mama, and fulfil my long-life dream as an author of authentic children’s Islamic books and illustrator of non picture-making illustrations.

I’ve always loved writing and drawing. Languages have always been my favourite subjects to learn including Arabic and French. When I was younger, I studied Art, Design & technology and wrote many many poems and rhymes. They used to call me ‘day-dreamer’ because I spent a lot of time in my own world reflecting, writing and drawing. Anyway, enough about me and my personal life…

My mission is to provide parents and teachers with free educational resources in packs, and authentic books that children will love bi’ithnillah. Why? So, you don’t have to rely on the unislamic resources. Sadly, there is so much evil in our children’s resources from picture-making to magic and kufr, bidah and shirk to all sorts of corrupt ideologies. So, I’m here to help and support you with a better alternative in shaa Allaah i.e authenticity. We guard this in three important steps:

  1. No picture-making
  2. Authentic sources
  3. Checked by Tulaabul’ilm

If you like what we do, please support us and let others know about us too!

Jazaakom Allaahu khair
Umm Assad

What People Say

You’re the first sight I used when I gave up facial features.

-Sister in France

Sister I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love you and your resources. They are absolutely amazing and wonderful. I can’t thank you enough for making them free. May Allah reward you immensely for this…

Because of your books, my children run around shouting ‘Allah is my Lord’. They have memorised so much from your books…

-Umm Abdullaah

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