Curriculum Resources:

All Subjects: National Curriculum Subjects and the Contents;

National Curriculum Complete Packs:

Completely FREE PDF Work Books

McGraw Hill and Collins Collection
(English, Maths and Science):


Health, Fitness and Nutrition
Adult Distant Learning: Oxford Homeschooling (KS3, GCSE, A Levels)
Islamic Studies:
Reading Books:


  • Don’t be afraid to introduce Islamic books at an early age such as Tafsir ibn Kathir and Seerah etc (both your language as well as Arabic)
  • Also let them read freely from dictionaries and encyclopedias.


Dictionaries: Collins Books, Oxford BooksOxford Online
Life Skills:
Our Other Website: Umm Assad Publications For authentic children’s Islamic resources.
Muslim Blogs:

(Islamic background needs to be double checked)

Other Blogs:
Make it Yourself:
Printables; Sign ups and other websites:
Islamic Corner:
Top Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Websites About Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting:





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Last Updated: 11/05/2017

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15 thoughts on “Resources/Links

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum.

    SubhanAllah great resources. May Allah place barakah in your time and effort for putting this together for us and that too in a systematic way to help us save our time.

    Jazakillah khairan.


  2. Subhanallaah

    This is an unbelievable amount of effort and dedication.

    May Allaah have mercy on you as you show mercy towards his slaves. May you see these on your scale of good deeds in many folds on the day of accounting. May Allaah reward you and your family with Jannatul a’alaa…Aameen yaa rabb


  3. Masha’Allaah Tabarak’Allaah Alaik. Excellent website for homeschooling.
    Sister, may Allaah reward you and accept your efforts. Great job!!!!

    I am new to homeschooling and really found this website very very helpful. Jazak’Allaahu Khairan.


  4. Mashallah!!! I am so grateful to Allah swt that I have found your website … I have been looking for some authentic website for my kids and I just couldn’t. .. may Allah reward you for whatever you have done for the ummah. PleAse do let me know when is the second activity pack is coming up. Jazakallahu khair


  5. Assalamoalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Sister I am mother of five I need to join u for my three younger children. 14.12.and 10. I live in United Arab Emirates. How can I join u and my three children they r doing hifz. And on homes schooling. They r not going to school. For me it’s easy to ask my quarries on whatsapp. Kindly can u give me ur whatsapp number than I can talk to name is khadija Ahmed Hassan. Jazakillah khair sister.


  6. Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu,

    Sis, I can not tell you how much you have helped all of us homeschooling families…may ALLAH reward you greatly and give you ease in this life and the next. BarakALLAHu feeki…Love you for the sake of ALLAH.


    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته. جزاك الله خيرا. آمين

      And may Allah direct us to all that pleases Him and make us better than what people think of us. Ameen


  7. BaarakaLlahu feeh Umm Assad. You are really doing a great job. May Allah swt reward you with goodness in both worlds,aameen. I am a homeschooler and I really need to confess, I am overwhelmed with your resources. May Allah make your kids coolness of your eyes ,aameen. ma shaa Allah


    1. Wa iyyaakom. Ameen! Jazaakom Allahu khairun for the support. Its a pleasure to contribute to other homeschoolers. Keep checking back for further updates inshaAllah as we add to this space often.

      Umm Assad.


  8. Masha Allah! What an awesome website! I found it very useful and really appreciate your hard work. May Allah reward you immensely! Ameen


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