Early Years

A Day In The Life Of…’My Early Years’

The following timetable is a rough idea of how we spend our day homeschooling. The word ‘homeschool’ is understood differently to different people. We believe that homeschool is any part of tarbiyyah (cultivating) that is done between parent and child at any given time or place.

Our children’s activities involves a lot of ‘Free Play‘ or Planned activities, making sure we cover all the children’s ‘Development needs’ (as mentioned in the ‘Begin Here‘ page) to the best of our ability. Some days they go through various activities and other days they just focus on one area alone. It’s important to be flexible and use this time to discover the child’s ‘Learning style’ (Visit ‘Vark‘ for more information on learning styles).


Last Updated: 31/12/2016


I call them my Fajr Alarms. Everyday  bi’ithnillah, I wake up to their voices.

Me Children
  • Fajr
  • Morning Exercise
  • Morning Etiquettes i.e brush teeth etc


Me Children
  • Breakfast
  • Listen to Al-Quran
  • Breakfast


Me Children
  • Homeschool begins
  • On days I don’t homeschool, they just free play while I get on with ‘Me’ Time
  • Circle time
  • Planned Activity (we do 30 mins Tawhid and 30 mins Arabic) or,
  • Free Play (depending on day)


Me Children
  • Homeschool continues on a different subject/topic
  • Snack and water
  • We do 30 mins English and 30 mins Maths


Me Children
  • Homeschool continues on a different subject/topic
  • We do 1 hour of sensorial play (anything that includes the 5 senses)


Me Children
  • Start preparing lunch
  • Free Play (or ‘Playdate’ Day begins)


Me Children
  • Lunch
  • Lunch


Me Children
  • Reading Time
  • Reading Time


Me Children
  • ‘Me’ Time
  • Nap Time (depending on day)


Me Children
  • ‘Me’ Time (depends on day)
  • Nap Time, Free Play, Playdates or go outdoors (depending on day)


Me Children
  • Spend time with children
  • Playtime with Mama


Me Children
  • Prepares dinner
  • Dinner


Me Children
  • House Chores
  • Quiet Time


Me Children
  • Prepares children for bed
  • Bed Time Hour


Me Children
  • Dinner with husband
  • Umm Assad Stuff
  • Check ‘To Do’
  • Sleep


Me Children
  • Islamic Study
  • Arabic Study
  • Sleep


Me Children
  • Read/Recite Al-Quran
  • Sleep


Me Children
  • Reflect
  • Sleep
  • Sleep

Until tomorrow starts again inshaAllah.


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Jazaakom Allahu khair!


9 thoughts on “Early Years

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  1. Maa Shaa Allah, Allahuma Baarik feeh. may Allah keep you steadfast and accept it from you. may Allah surround us with HIS pleased servant and protect us, our children and our love ones from the evil of this world and in the Hereafter. may Allah guide our generations to come. jazakumullahu khayran ya Ukhty.


  2. Allahuma barik. Im so glad i found your page ma shaa Allah sister May Allah reward you this is exactly what I needed to see to be motivated. Your scedual with the kids is absolutely amazing.


  3. Ukhtee assalamo Alaikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. jazakillahu khairaa for ur excellent work. Barakallahu fiki. may it weight heavily on ur scale of good.

    sis pls could u advise me in sha Allah:
    I am veryery very keen to have my 3 and 4 year old start memorising different things. i know they can cos i have taught them some quran which they know very well masha Allah. question is which ahaadeeth or evidences etc should they be learning now?


  4. Assalamu alaikum…

    How do you adjust waking up time according to the change of time for fajr? Would children pray then sleep?

    I’m guessing this is just for early years but what do you have planned for older years

    JazaakAllaahu khayran


  5. Salaamu alaikum.

    As everyone may learn or adjust differently. Starting days early is great. Alhamdulilaah. Islamic studies are best for me early morning/mid day rather late at night. I also like to cook everything except dinner early in the mornings. Alhamdulilaah. All though, every day is different. That sensory hour, I would like some feedback on what you use for teaching your youngest say age 2/3…some suggestions please e-mail back me ukhti.

    jazaaki Allaahu khayra.


  6. salam aleykoum I’m Our sister fiLlah Salma Oum Abdilleh from france , thank you for your super blog ! May Allah give you thr firdaws oukhty


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