Thank you and jazaakom Allahu khair for your interests and support in UmmAssadHomeschool. Please read the following questions and answers. If you have any other queries, you’re more than welcome to email them to us!

Who is UmmAssad?

UmmAssad comes from the Arabic language meaning ‘Mother of Lions’. Growing up, I’ve always taken a liking to animals and their nature, how Allah Subhaanahu w Taala taught them how to survive and work as a team through their natural instincts. Notice the nature of lions; they possess strength and nobility. Male lions belong to a pride, they protect their territory allowing their young and females to do all they need to in safety, while the Lionesses guard their young and seek out food. UmmAssad is about nurturing and raising a nation of people who will have the confidence and skills, like lions, to ‘guard what Allah has ordered them to guard’, as Allah Subhaanahu w Taala mentions in Surah 4, ayah 34. And Allah Taala Knows better.

What is your real name?

I am known by Umm Assad and Umm Hafs.

Who is UmmAssad Home School for?

UmmAssad Home School is for anyone who is interested in keeping their children’s resources 100% authentic; Parents, Teachers, children and students may take more interest in our free resources.

Where do you collect your Islamic knowledge from and do you belong to any groups?

We take our Islamic knowledge very seriously and strongly believe in following Islam the way it was revealed; Quran, Authentic Hadith with the methodology of the Salaf and from the teachings of trusted Scholars and their students. Anything wrong you may find are from myself or shaytan, please email us any concerns.

What advise would you give to someone who is new to homeschooling?

Please check the Begin Here page. I have compiled together all the relevant links that I believe can help homeschoolers get started on Homeschooling with the help of trusted homeschoolers, walhamdolillah. Please bear in mind that you are not obliged to follow everything you find here. All I can say is homeschooling, as I understand it, is any part of tarbiyyah (nurturing) done between parent and child. Every family is unique so Allahu Aalem!

How do you Homeschool your children?

This is a complex question and depends on many factors including the children’s learning style, what subject is being taught, where they are being taught, what they want to learn etc. If you check out our ‘Day in the Life of‘ page, you can see small examples of our average day homeschooling, including the resources and materials we use.

The foundation of our Homeschool is to build a household upon the truth. Furthermore, we take into consideration their Islamic as well as their worldly education and experience. I like to refer to my favourite acronym when it comes to an individuals growth and development ‘PIES’; physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. As long as every child is presented with opportunities to grow and learn, then it’s all good.

Is it allowed to download and print all your resources and use them? What about sharing them?

Absolutely! Please read our ‘Legal Disclaimer‘. I only ask that everybody abides by these conditions. Our materials are FREE to all and copyright protected.

I have resources I’d like to share, would you post it on your website?

Of course! We are currently accepting all resources as long as they are related to this website and can be proven trustworthy in shaa Allah.

Do you reply to all emails?

We aim to reply to all emails as soon as we can and as long as they are relevant to our website. Any inappropriate emails will be ignored and blocked. Please contact us on the form below for any further queries.

Thank you and Jazaakom Allahu khair!


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