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10 thoughts on “My Printables

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  1. Mashallah these resources are amazingly helpful, and super informative. May ASWT bless you and your family, and may he continues to allow you to create more helpful material for your community.


  2. Assalaamu alaykum WA rahmatullahi WA barakaatu
    Dearest Umm Assad
    I need to thank you abundantly MAY Allah reward you with so much more inshalla. I am so greatfull for your information as I teach at a school in cape Town, south Africa where most of the learners are under priveledged and your materials is of such a good quality, so informative and soooo easy to use. Alf shukran
    Umm Mas’ood


  3. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
    Jazakillah khoiron umm for sharing this resources
    I’m planning to homeschooling my 2 yo daughter altough there is still uncommon in my country indonesia to homeschooling their children but i find your blog and it’s very helpful

    May Allah bless you and family


    1. Allahuma barak such an amazing resource we love it every bit of it jazakumulahu khair may allah reward you much more you can’t imagine 💓


  4. Asalammu alykam wa rahmatullahi wa barkatu, alhamdulilah for your beautiful website filled with fun learning,
    I would like to seek your permission in spreading this wonderful knowledge, through the busy bags I prepare and receive a small donation for. I love preparing my busy bags and would love your work to be apart of my packs. Inshaa Allah you will agree to spread this baraka and allow the use of your products.
    Jazakullahu khayran


    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته.
      That sounds lovely ukhti! Pls feel free to let others know and benefit from our resources. I appreciate the support. Baarik Allaahu feekom!


  5. Asalammu alaikum uktee may Allah subhannah wa ta ala reward you and place this website and all the information you make available to people all over on your scale of good deeds Alhamdulliah my kids are able to benefit from your resources all the way in the USA we homeschool so I was really glad to find your Islamic studies courses link really helpful

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