Student Planner


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About the Pack:

A FREE Planner made especially for students. Just as our ‘Homeschool Planner’, we have taken a similar approach for the Students and made this planner flexible and personal. We understand the importance of being organised and planning ahead so having a planner/diary for both parents as well as the children available is very useful especially when it’s flexible and can be used anytime of the year and every year. This means no more waiting for new planners to become available last minute. We only hope that Allah brings us ease by this and great benefit.

WHAT’s inside the planner:

  • Contents Page
  • About Me Section (Includes: Personal info, Emergency info, Hobbies/Interest, Goal Planning)
  • Contacts
  • Islamic Calendars
  • Important Islamic Dates/Events
  • Year at a Glance
  • Month at a Glance x12
  • Timetables
  • Schedule/Routine Planning
  • Book Logging
  • Homework Tracking
  • Grades and Tests Logging
  • Diary (Weekly)
  • Notes Pages
  • To Do Lists
  • Beautiful Islamic Reminders throughout
    and much more!

What you need:

  • A4 white paper, printer (At least 100 Sheets)
  • Colour Printer
  • Local Office Supply to Bind the folder (costs up to £5)
  • Pens, Highlighters

How to use this Pack:

  • Download and Print it – Please adjust your printer settings to: A4 and ‘Borderless’, colour, two sides (back to back). For extra sheets, print according to your needs.
  • Bind it at your local office supply shop, this should cost you around £5
  • Index Tabs (Optional) – Print the tabs on card, cut out each tab, sellotape each tab to the correct section (following the content as your guideline) upon its ‘Reminder Page’.

*Please feel free to share or suggest any ideas in the comments below!

Useful websites to help with Planning:


  1. The Homeschool Planner:Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 09.44.50

  2. Index TabsOptional

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Jazaakom Allahu khair!


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