8 Sunan of Eid Day

About the file: Let your children learn, memorise and revise these 8 important Sunan on Eid day with this amazing colouring book. Short points have been taken from an article by student of knowledge Abu Khadeejah haafidhahullaah and can be found here. This resource is a great way to keep the children busy during the... Continue Reading →

100 Eid Gift Ideas For Your Children under £10

If you're running out of 'Eid gift ideas for your younger children, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve done a little research for you, Alhamdolillah, with the help of some lovely mamas, an internet search and a 'tweet post' that I read by a Student of Knowledge (Moosaa Richardson haafidhahullaah). Whether you’re looking for... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Those Wanting to Homeschool During Ramadhaan

O sweet Ramadhaan! The month of Mercy, Forgiveness, and...the Qur'an! It's such an exciting time for the Muslims all around the world. As parents, we look forward to benefitting ourselves as well as our families from this blessed month, and what better way is there than to spend this month increasing in the remembrance of... Continue Reading →

Islamic Months Wheel

About the file: Let your children enjoy learning and revising the Islamic Months with these resources in shaa Allaah; 'Islamic Month Wheel' and an Islamic Month poster. Fun resources for children who are beginning to learn the Islamic months. Simply download the files, print (one-sided), cut them out and laminate them for long-term use. Click... Continue Reading →

What Islamic Books to Study and in What Order

Before you is a huge list of Islamic books; what to study and in what order. They are all recommended by Scholars (may Allah have mercy on them all).  What Books to Study and in What Order by Shaykh Muḥammad Amān ibn Alī al-Jāmī: ‘The Three Principles’‘The Pillars of the Prayer and its Obligations and Conditions’ ‘The... Continue Reading →

Establishing an Islamic Home – Birmingham Conference 2018

The following set of lectures were taken from the recent Birmingham Winter Conference 2018 – 'Establishing an Islamic Home'. May Allaah preserve all our speakers: Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis, Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq, Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid, Abu Mu'aadh Taqweem Aslam, Shaikh Abdullah Al-Bukhari, Shaikh Ubaid al-Jaabiri All lectures can be found in the following link: Establishing... Continue Reading →

Why School Is NOT The Best Place For Socialising

You did your research, you got the resources, you set up your timetable and you're ready to begin your homeschool journey and then, your health-carer turns up and the questions arise...   'Why aren't they in school? 'Do they mix with other children?' 'Do you not think they need to experience a classroom environment?'  ... Continue Reading →

Allah is The Creator – Free Audio Book

About the Audio Book: This short baby book is excellent for babies as they learn about the creation of Allah Ta'aala and His creation in the first year or two. Colourful illustrations throughout, written by myself (Umm Assad) and read by a cute little 5 year old. So invite your children, turn up your speakers... Continue Reading →

Being Dutiful to Parents by Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis

About the Lecture: This is wonderful cultivating lecture by the noble Shaikh Muhammad al-Aqeel on this important topics. The rights and responsibilities of children and practical steps in nurturing children into adulthood with good manners. Translated by Abu Hakeem. Topics included: The status of our parents in Islam The hardship of our mothers Repaying back our... Continue Reading →

Tangible and Intangible Rewards

You can promote and encourage positive behaviour by rewarding children when they behave in acceptable ways. Children enjoy being rewarded, so they are encouraged to behave in the same way again. When children repeat behaviours, over time they become an ingrained, natural part of what the child does. The more a child is given positive... Continue Reading →

‘I Am Unique’ (A Children’s Mental Health Awareness Reading Book)

About the Book: This book was written to bring awareness about Mental Health. Although it doesn't explain mental health, it encourages a healthy mind growth for all children and a positive way of thinking. It aims to inspire them to reach for their goals, not to be discouraged by anyone or anything and to know... Continue Reading →

English Teaching Reference (Punctuation, Grammar and Vocabulary)

About the Book: A simple and essential English teaching guide for those wanting to understand/teach punctuation and grammar for years 1-6 (not intended as a replacement for English teaching resources). This teacher's reference includes 'word types' with the definition and an example for each one. You will also find a spelling list per year in... Continue Reading →

10 Things To Do With The Kids During Dhul-Hijjah

Bismillah. The first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah are here. Alhamdolillah, Allaah Ta'aala has given us an opportunity to increase in rewards for our good deeds. For us homeschooling parents, that doesn't have to mean we put a pause on homeschool. It's a great time to teach and implement together. Below is a list of fun... Continue Reading →

Mama and Abdullah (Arabic Version)

About the Book: This book is the translated version of the English book 'Mama and Abdullah'. Aimed at anybody who is beginning to read Arabic, it gradually introduces new and repetitive words on each page. More to come soon in sha Allah. Note: Please read the following links about image making: Read Fatwa about: Writing/reading fictional... Continue Reading →

Healthy Guide Pack

About the file: Promoting good health to children from an early age is so important in every child's upbringing and increases their chance of sticking to a balanced nutrition long term. There are two separate Healthy Guide Packs below; one for the children and one for the parents. The Healthy Eating Pack for children introduces healthy eating... Continue Reading →

Arabic and English Letter Formation

About the file: Let your children enjoy practicing their writing skills in both Arabic and English. An essential book for preschoolers and up to first or even second grade. Includes pictures to colour in and short sentence examples for each letter/word. How to use the file: Download Print Laminate (optional) Bind (optional) Enjoy! Enjoy! Please share, subscribe and comment!... Continue Reading →

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