About the Lecture:

This is wonderful cultivating lecture by the noble Shaikh Muhammad al-Aqeel on this important topics. The rights and responsibilities of children and practical steps in nurturing children into adulthood with good manners. Translated by Abu Hakeem.

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Topics included:

  1. The status of our parents in Islam
  2. The hardship of our mothers
  3. Repaying back our parents
  4. Treat your parents kindly even if they are a kaafir (non-believer)
  5. The story of Abu Hurayrah and his mother
  6. The story of the men in the cave
  7. Virtues of being dutiful to parents
  8. Results from being righteous to parents
  9. Examples of how we can be righteous to our parents
  10. How the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam was with his daughter Fatima radhi-Allaahu ‘anha
  11. Supplication for our parents

Please visit our other website ummassadpublications.com for the children’s book version of this lecture ‘Righteousness to Parents’ which was read and checked by Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis (translator of this lecture).

Baarik Allaahu feekom!

Righteousness to Parents
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