10 Tips for Those Wanting to Homeschool During Ramadhaan

O sweet Ramadhaan! The month of Mercy, Forgiveness, and…the Qur’an!

It’s such an exciting time for the Muslims all around the world. As parents, we look forward to benefitting ourselves as well as our families from this blessed month, and what better way is there than to spend this month increasing in the remembrance of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala?!

Whether you choose to continue your regular homeschool routine or not, be sure to benefit from the following list of ideas of how to homeschool during Ramadhaan. All tips are based on my own thoughts, therefore not an obligation upon you. However, I do strongly recommend them (reminder to myself first).

1 – Plan and Prep Beforehand

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to start planning what you intend to achieve during Ramadhaan. Make a list; what books? printables? etc Hang it on the wall and be sure to include your children in the plan. Discuss together your plans and let everyone take notes of their role too. Make it fun!

2 – Make it Special & Memorable

This month is not like any other month. It’s suppose to feel different. Children need to see that in their routine too. However you treat Ramadhaan will stay in your child’s memory for life. Make it count!

3 – Slow down on Secular Education

Unless you plan to sit exams, perhaps it’s time to take this month as an opportunity to slow down on secular education and focus more on greater and more relatable topics to Ramadhaan. Maybe stick to revision for now, or catching up with any ‘incomplete work’. However, if you choose to carry on your normal homeschool routine, then of course you know better. Just a kind piece of advice to take it easy on the younger children especially those still learning about Ramadhaan.

4 – Join Communities

There is so much going on during Ramadhaan that a child can benefit from, from online courses and lectures to local gatherings such as Iftar and Taraweeh, I’m sure there’s lots to benefit from near you. See if you can get a hold of your local Mosque’s prayer timetable for the month, and attend as much as you are able in shaa Allaah. Also, set the example of keeping ties and visit family and friends if possible.

5 – Study the Qur’an together

Recite daily (like you usually do) but MORE. Read Tafseer together and maybe even set up a quiet corner in the home where the children can go to recite whenever they want.

6 – Learn All Things Ramadhaan

Make a list. There’s so much you can include in this one. Discuss the Five Pillars of Islam. It’s perfect for the younger children. Learn about the virtues of Laylatul-Qadr, memorise the dua, memorise new dua. Learn about ‘Eid and it’s etiquettes. Again, make it fun and memorable. Make posters (hang them on the wall), make charity jars, and bake date cookies! Be creative!

7 – Get an Activity Book

Every child needs a Ramadhaan Activity Book. They can happily get on with the fun activities with or without you. For bonus points, get another fun Activity book to keep them busy while you can focus on yourself too. You can download our free Ramadhaan Packs below:

8 – Talk About Health

For many of us, Ramadhaan can remind us about the importance of good health. Help your children to become more aware and appreciative of good health with our free ‘Healthy Guide Pack‘, especially when there are a lot of families suffering around the world in poverty.

9 – Increase in Righteous Deeds

This is an obvious one but don’t be afraid to encourage your younger children to do more this month. Remind them of the rewards. Encourage waking up for suhoor to begin with then fast if they are able (distract them with toys for the younger ones and free play). Stay up late and pray Taraweeh together. Read more, pray more, give in charity more and so on.

10 – One Day at a Time

Finally, don’t forget to take each day as it comes. Don’t drown yourself in a long list of wishful thinking. If you can push then go for it but if it’s not working then cut yourself some slack and do what works for you.

I ask Allaah to allow us all to witness and benefit immensely this Ramadhaan and many more!

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Did you find this post beneficial? Let me know in the comments or simply email me on the email below for any concerns.

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Jazaakom Allahu khair!


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  1. Your perspective is one I don’t get to see much. Most of the homeschoolers seem to be conservative Christian, then secular. Thank you for sharing so many great resources and your invaluable perspective.


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