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Promoting good health to children from an early age is so important in every child’s upbringing and increases their chance of sticking to a balanced nutrition long term.

There are two separate Healthy Guide Packs below; one for the children and one for the parents.

  1. The Healthy Eating Pack for children introduces healthy eating habits; it includes a healthy food pyramid, important food groups and light exercise with lots of tracing, drawing and colouring in to do. It also includes a fun quiz at the end.
  2. The Ramadan Health Guide includes detailed nutritional advice for the month of Ramadan written by professional fitness and nutritional advisor Abu Hafs Hanif for men. This guide will help you feel more energised throughout Ramadan so you can take full advantage of the blessed month. It also provides lots of useful tips to use all year round with recommended foods; what to eat/drink and what to avoid and why.

You can contact Abu Hafs now for your free consultation here.
He specialises in providing professional advise through his courses for men and children. He also makes personal exercise plans to suit your needs.

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Also, listen to this very beneficial talk by our beloved brother and student of knowledge Abu Khadeejah haafidhullah:

Looking After Children’s Health by Abu Khadeejah

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