‘I Am Unique’ (A Children’s Mental Health Awareness Reading Book)

About the Book:

This book was written to bring awareness about Mental Health. Although it doesn’t explain mental health, it encourages a healthy mind growth for all children and a positive way of thinking.

It aims to inspire them to reach for their goals, not to be discouraged by anyone or anything and to know that there is always help waiting for them.

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As a supporter of a family member who has a mental illness, I see the great need to bring this awareness to you and others in the hope that we can remove the ignorance from our communities and start supporting one another.

The topic of Mental health is not taught in schools or within most homes yet is something that affects all of us, some greater than others, where they have little to no control over it. Sadly, people who suffer from mental illnesses face a constant battle day and night that even they too don’t understand.

You may have a loved one, a friend or even a neighbour who struggles with a mental illness and you wouldn’t even realise until they have a relapse. Even then, most people are not aware of its signs or how to help.

So, please help spread mental health awareness now and let’s remove ignorance today!

How to use this file:

  1. Download
  2. Read and Enjoy!

Below are a few beneficial links that you may find very useful:

‘The State of the One Affected With Mental Sickness and How the Muslim Should Behave With Him’:

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Jazaakom Allahu khair!


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