8 Sunan of Eid Day

About the file:

Let your children learn, memorise and revise these 8 important Sunan on Eid day with this amazing colouring book. Short points have been taken from an article by student of knowledge Abu Khadeejah haafidhahullaah and can be found here.

This resource is a great way to keep the children busy during the final moments before Eid while you focus on preparing yourself for the Eid days ahead in shaa Allaah.

Simply download the file below, print (one-sided), cut each page half way (following the dotted line) and staple them together to make it into a book.

What you need:

  • A4 Plain Paper/Card and colour printer (and a printer)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler (to staple the pages together and make a book)
  • Colouring pencils or pens etc

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Jazaakom Allahu khair!


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