Homeschool Planner 300+ Pages

The Homeschool Planner 300+ Pages is here and
it’s time to start planning!

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So you’ve heard it all before, successful homeschooling starts with being organised and planning ahead and if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

This Homeschool Planner has all you need and more. With 300+ pages plus 20 front covers to choose from, this planner may be the LAST you’ll ever need inshaAllah and here are the reasons why:

1. It’s FREE – If you’re like me then you’ve probably browsed high and low trying to find the most cost effective Homeschool Planner out there, only to find that they are too high in price or just don’t suit your homeschooling anyway. With this planner, you no longer need to worry about spending a penny at all. Plus forget about waiting last minute to purchase a new one for the coming year. Who wants to wait last minute to plan ahead. Which brings me to my next point!

2. It’s Flexible – You don’t need to wait for the next years planner to become available weeks or even days before. That’s right! Say goodbye to last minute planning because this planner not only allows you to log in all your homeschool essentials, but it also gives you the option to input the date you choose with the provided spaces inside. All you need is a calendar which you will find inside for the past and future years to come both Gregorian AND Islamic inshaAllah.

3. It’s For You – Because we care so much for our homeschool parents and know the importance of being organised, we especially designed this planner to suit most homeschoolers needs. There’s space to write your thoughts and to do/wish lists just for you and reminders to keep you going! And not everybody has the same taste in colours and style so as a bonus, you will find a selection of ‘Front Covers’ to choose from for your planner to suit your personality. You are not just a homeschooler, you are an amazing parent too and so much more so embrace that.

What’s Inside the Planner:

  • About Me Section: Your personal info, life goals, notepad, routine/schedule sheets
  • Calendar for both Gregorian and Islamic for 2016, 2017 and 2018 (Dates are an estimate and need to be double checked e.g, Eid)
  • Important Dates in the Islamic Calendar
  • Contacts
  • About My Homeschooling
  • About My Students
  • Attendance/Absence Forms
  • Homeschool/General Rules and Discipline Section
  • Curriculum/Resources List
  • Subjects and its Contents of Study: English, Maths and Science years 1-6
  • Lesson Duration Logging
  • Supplies List
  • Year at a Glance
  • Month at a Glance x12 (with inspiring Islamic reminders)
  • Weekly Lesson Timetables x40
  • Field Trip Planning
  • One-to-One Time Forms
  • Homework Tracker
  • Tests Tracker
  • Book Logging
  • Meal-time Planning
  • Check Lists/Log/Track Sheets
  • Notes
  • To Do Lists
  • Beautiful Islamic Reminders Throughout
    and much more!

What you need:

  • A4 white paper, printer (At least 155 Sheets)
  • Colour Printer
  • Local Office Supply (to Bind the folder)
  • Pens, Highlighters

How to Use the Pack:

  1. Print the full Homeschool Planner Adjust your printer settings to: A4 and ‘Borderless’, colour, two sides (back to back). The planner is set for 1 or 2 students (for more than one student, print more sheets on the following; About my students, Attendance Form, Lesson Duration, Test Tracker and Book Log. For extra sheets elsewhere, print according to your needs.
  2. Choose a front cover from the ’20 Front Covers’ making sure you adjust your printing settings on the selected page only (use card or laminate it for best results)
  3. Index tabs (optional), Use the content page at the beginning of your planner for guidance.
    Option 1: Change the content to suit your needs, name the coloured tabs on the content page according to your needs (Make sure you adjust the folder according to your content list too. Bear in mind; Every section begins with a ‘Reminder’ page and ends with a ‘Notes’ page)
    Option 2: Keep the content of the planner and use it as it is.
    Now, Print the tabs on card, cut out each tab, sellotape each tab to the correct section (according to your chosen content) upon its ‘Reminder Page’.
  4. Bind it at your local office supply shop, this should cost you around £5.
  5. Extras: Reminder Cards. These are mini size poster cards with all the reminders included in the planner. Simply print these on card and use as reminders for yourself or others.

Below are a few examples of How to use the Timetables (click the image to enlarge):

Single Students (Horizontal/Vertical):



Multiple Students (Horizontal/Vertical):



Useful websites to help with Planning:


  1. The Homeschool Planner:Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 20.46.49
  2. Index Tabs – Optional
  3. 20 Front Covers
  4. Reminder Cards – Optional


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Jazaakom Allahu khair!



7 thoughts on “Homeschool Planner 300+ Pages

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  1. Salamu alaikum warahmarulaah sister may Allaah reward you in abundance. May The Most Merciful gather you, your family and loved ones in Firdows. Aameen.


    1. Wa alaykom salaam w rahmatullahi w barakatu. Allahumma barik! What a beautiful dua ukhti. Jazaak Allahu khair! And may Allah Subhaanahu w Ta’ala bless you and your family, shower His endless mercy upon us all and make us grateful to Him for all His favours. Ameen


  2. As salaam alaikum sis. This planner looks amazing. I am actually excited about the upcoming school year. Like you mentioned, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. May Allaah reward you and I intend to subscribe for future printables


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