About the file:

This resource idea is such a fun way to introduce spelling and reading. Whether it’s a child’s name, a new word or maybe even a word that your child is struggling to learn.

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I actually made this resource quite some time ago and have shared it with mothers with children learning to read and write/spell and they have benefitted greatly alhamdolillah. I use it for my preschoolers too which they love. We usually begin with this resource before any language activity as a fun and refreshing way to start a lesson. You can do the same approach with any language too.

What I love about this resource is that it allows your child to explore different skills. And by using their name as a starting point, they’re more likely to enjoy writing, spelling and reading etc long-term since it has a personal touch.

I find it also helps to use this same approach when introducing new words, for example the word ‘hat’; let your child use this approach i.e spell, match, trace and write ‘hat’ if you run out of ideas.

How to use this file:

  1. Download file (Please feel free to copy this resource for your own personal use)
  2. Laminate all pages
  3. There are 6 pages:
    1st – Spell with fingers i.e point to each letter using the blue dot as a guide and say each letter out loud
    2nd – Cut out the black matching cards on 3rd page to use on 2nd
    3rd – See previous point
    4th – Trace with finger or use playdough of some sort
    5th – Trace with guidance with non-permanent marker
    6th – Finally, trace without guidance with non-permanent marker

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Jazaakom Allahu khair!