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12 Pack Baby Book Collection — May 4, 2018

12 Pack Baby Book Collection

About the file:

This set of 12 high-contrast baby books are excellent for stimulating babies as they develop their eyesight in the first year. Topics included are:

  1. My First Baby Book
  2. Baby’s First Words
  3. It’s Baby Day
  4. Baby’s First Foods
  5. ABCD
  6. 123 (English version)
  7. Alif baa taa
  8. 123 (Arabic version)
  9. Baby Book of Colours
  10. Baby Book Shapes
  11. Baby Book of Opposites
  12. Allah is The Creator


How to use the file:

  1. Download
  2. Open on computer device or phone – recommended
  3. Print (if you have a lot of ink to waste) – not recommended
  4. Enjoy!

Please also have a look at our FREE baby Audio Book of ‘Allah is the Creator’ on the following link, read by a 5 year old. Allahumma baarik laha. Enjoy!

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The Colours of My World – Reading Book that Introduces Colours — September 27, 2016

The Colours of My World – Reading Book that Introduces Colours

About the Book:

I don’t know about you but I find it almost impossible to find suitable books for my children that wont use words such as ‘luck’, ‘magic’ and all that sort. I also find the stories in many of these english reading books rather strange and non-beneficial. So I took it upon myself to write my own books on certain topics for my children wa lillaahil-Hamd. Alhamdolillah for homeschooling. This book introduces all the main colours in a fun and poetic way and keeps children engaged and excited. Also, images included are not made by me but were compiled by me. Enjoy!

Click to download

*Remember to set your printer to ‘borderless’ and ‘two sided’ for best results inshaAllah.

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Preschool Maths Activity Book (Number Counting) — August 29, 2016

Preschool Maths Activity Book (Number Counting)

About the Pack:

The ‘Preschool Maths’ Activity Book is designed for preschoolers in order to introduce them to numbers. This is a very straight forward and fun way of learning how to count and encourages preschoolers to develop their fine motor skills and creativity. A great resource to begin learning how to count in order.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 22.06.11
Click to download

How To Use This Book:

  1. Print everything out on white A4 paper (adjust your printer to ‘borderless’ and one sided OR two sided [recommended])
  2. Bind it at your local office supply

What you need:

  • This Book
  • Preschooler and Parent/Guardian
  • Pencil, rubber, pencil colours
  • Extras: blocks, legos, counters, playdough or something similar

Games and ‘Hands On’ Activities to play with your child:

  1. Cut out the numbers and shapes on sand paper and let your child trace them with their finger
  2. Cut out letters, numbers and shapes on sand paper or colourful card (twice) to make matching pairs, then let your child try to match them to the correct pair
  3. Get counters (preferably the same type and colourful) and lay them out on the table/floor. Print out numbers 1-20 labelled flashcards and let your child place the correct amount of counters on each card, making sure they count as they go. You can demonstrate examples for them and show them a pattern in counting e.g triangle has 3 sides, square has 4 sides etc. Get your child to look closely at how the counters appear when placed down together
  4. Cut out shapes in pairs (one big and one small) and get them to place the big ones on one pile and the small ones on the other. This will introduce them to the concept of more and less
  5. Use legos and blocks to build towers and get them to count how many they can
  6. Play counting games e.g ‘Duck goose’, place flashcards around them room and let your child run/skip/hop to them when you shout it out
  7. Get some number/shape magnets and allow them to ‘free play’ with them with/without you
  8. Make a number, letter and shape wheel each on a piece of card and on a separate piece of paper make your numbers, letters and shapes then stick them to a peg and ask your child to match it to the correct image


  • Always take every opportunity to count, for example counting fingers, counting when taking steps up and down stairs, counting vehicles when outside and so on
  • Use mathematical language, e.g “Look, you have 2 blocks and I have 1, can I have another 1 please?”
  • When counting objects, encourage the child to move the object (they count) to one side as children at this stage are very visual
  • Introduce the number zero ‘0’ and do not overlook this. A good example is by first teaching them how to count 1,2 and 3. Put 1 or 2 objects in their hands and tell them that they have such and such amount of objects, then remove them from the hand and then tell them “Now you have zero objects in your hand”
  • Remember that counting numbers is more important than writing the numbers

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‘My First Islamic Activity Pack’ — January 18, 2016

‘My First Islamic Activity Pack’

About the Pack:

‘My First Islamic Activity Pack’ is made by and aims to help young children aged 4-8 years to understand themselves and the world around them from a pure Islamic point of view (only authentic resources from the Quran, Hadith and trusted Scholars have been used).

It introduces the correct Islamic Aqeedah with fun yet challenging activities without losing the message; also nurturing a child’s belief and love for Allah and His Messenger and familiarising them to follow evidences.

All topics included are based on Aqeedah, teaching the most beneficial knowledge (Islam) and asking questions that matter most such as ‘Who is you Lord’ and ‘Who is your Prophet’ and ‘What is your religion’. Explaining in simple terms the different types of creation and its purpose, thus leading into subjects such as Science and Geography.

The activities interact with children at their level whilst involving parent/guardian or teacher; a range of activities have been packed to keep any child productively busy in their ‘spare time’ such as letter, number and colour recognition, guided reading, writing, colouring, eye coordination skills, fine motor skills, quizzes, wordsearch games and much more. A must have for any child beginning to study Islam.

*This ‘Islamic Activity Pack’ is proof-read by Al-Madinah University graduate and student of knowledge Abdul-Hakeem @ibnmitchell. May Allah grant him success, Ameen!

Click to download

How to Use This Folder:

  1. Print everything out on white A4 paper, put them into a folder.
  2. Read the instructions to your child on each page.
  3. Download the FREE Flashcards on pages 22, 23, 24 and 56.

What you need:


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