Arabic/English Puzzles

About the Book: A set of illustrated Arabic puzzles with the English translation to help your child learn new vocabulary. Can also be used with the Madinah Arabic collection of books. How to use this file: Download Print Laminate Cut out puzzles Play! Please share, subscribe and comment! Jazaakom Allahu khair!

Computer Safety for Children

About the file: We often hear too many stories from friends, family or even the news about children getting in contact from ill-minded people on the internet which later leads to extreme consequences. May Allaah protect our children. Just as in the 'real' world, the internet and computers also have a good and bad side... Continue Reading →

Over 150 Free ‘Islamic’ Stickers!

About the file: An A4 'Islamic' themed sticker collection ready for high quality printing. Each sticker comes with a remembrance of Allah Ta'ala (dhikr) and in various colours and 4 different sizes; small, medium large and extra-large. An excellent resource as a reward for children or just covering an educational picture-making book that you just can't... Continue Reading →

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