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My First Ramadhan Pack — May 10, 2018

My First Ramadhan Pack

About the file:

Alhamdolillah! Ramadhan is upon us once again and we have the opportunity to take advantage of gaining extra rewards with our families in shaa Allaah.

This Ramadhan Pack is designed to give a simple and fun introduction to the fundamentals of our religion, Islam.

Also included are a fun set of reward charts for fasting, praying and just about any good deed you can think of.

The Ramadhan Pack includes:

  1. 5 pillars of Islam
  2. Islamic Months
  3. Welcoming Ramadhan
  4. Checklist
  5. 3 Groups of People in Ramadhan
  6. Good Deeds in Ramadhan
  7. Eid Day

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How to use the file:

  1. Download
  2. Print
  3. Enjoy!


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Computer Safety for Children — August 1, 2017

Computer Safety for Children

About the file:

We often hear too many stories from friends, family or even the news about children getting in contact from ill-minded people on the internet which later leads to extreme consequences. May Allaah protect our children.

Just as in the ‘real’ world, the internet and computers also have a good and bad side to it. It’s all about training our children to have the correct knowledge, understanding and to behave responsibly before exposing them to their choices.

Some of us may have children who are too young to be using the computer or probably don’t intend to let them go near it for a long while, but even then I thought this may benefit us all as a reminder (parents including) so please share this file with other parents/teachers whose children use the computer/internet. Let’s keep our children safe in shaa Allaah.

Below is a download of a poster along with lots of serious questions that can be discussed together with your children before exposing them to the internet.

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How to use the file:

  1. Download the file
  2. Print it (one-sided)
  3. Laminate the first page (poster) and stick it on the wall near your computer
  4. Discuss all the questions with your children and answer them together

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‘My First Islamic Activity Pack’ — January 18, 2016

‘My First Islamic Activity Pack’

About the Pack:

‘My First Islamic Activity Pack’ is made by and aims to help young children aged 4-8 years to understand themselves and the world around them from a pure Islamic point of view (only authentic resources from the Quran, Hadith and trusted Scholars have been used).

It introduces the correct Islamic Aqeedah with fun yet challenging activities without losing the message; also nurturing a child’s belief and love for Allah and His Messenger and familiarising them to follow evidences.

All topics included are based on Aqeedah, teaching the most beneficial knowledge (Islam) and asking questions that matter most such as ‘Who is you Lord’ and ‘Who is your Prophet’ and ‘What is your religion’. Explaining in simple terms the different types of creation and its purpose, thus leading into subjects such as Science and Geography.

The activities interact with children at their level whilst involving parent/guardian or teacher; a range of activities have been packed to keep any child productively busy in their ‘spare time’ such as letter, number and colour recognition, guided reading, writing, colouring, eye coordination skills, fine motor skills, quizzes, wordsearch games and much more. A must have for any child beginning to study Islam.

*This ‘Islamic Activity Pack’ is proof-read by Al-Madinah University graduate and student of knowledge Abdul-Hakeem @ibnmitchell. May Allah grant him success, Ameen!

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How to Use This Folder:

  1. Print everything out on white A4 paper, put them into a folder.
  2. Read the instructions to your child on each page.
  3. Download the FREE Flashcards on pages 22, 23, 24 and 56.

What you need:


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