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On ‘My First Curriculum’

MashaAllah may Allah taala reward you sister for this. Using it for my youngest homeschooler (15 mths) aameen, been using sister ummummibrahim’s blog for 6 yrs and just discovered sister ummassad.

-Umm Khadiijah (Author)


On ‘My First Islamic Activity’ Pack

Asalaamu alaikum, my first islamic activity pack is exactly what i need to help cultivate my son. I strongly recommend this pack to all. May Allah accept the effort you have put into this blog to help mothers ameen.

-Umm Abdullah

Baarak Allaahu feeki for posting I was looking for resources for kids looks very beneficial alhamdulillaah.

-Umm Qasim – Tutor

Mashaaallah i am loving your work and may Allah reward you for it. As i started using it for my 1 year old son. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

-Umm Ali

On ‘My First Islamic Activity’ Pack

May Allah reward you sis it’s already circulating lol a sister just sent me the forward and she’s not on this group.


On ‘My First Islamic Activity’ Pack

Jazaakallah khair. Looks amazing. Would be ideal for my 5&7 year old as sometimes you don’t know how to reply to those certain questions.


On ‘My First Islamic Activity’ Pack

Sis you smashed it mashAllah tabarakAllah! I’m going to print this off for Abdullah and Rayyana InshAllah ta ala.

-Aisha Davies

On ‘My First Islamic Activity’ Pack

Aww Allahumma barak ukhtee! May Allaah reward you abundantly. I used it for the girls I teach Islamic studies. It was so useful they learnt a lot and enjoyed it too. Barak Allaahu feeki.

-Umm Abdullah Fatima (Teacher at a Madressah)

Jazakillah khayra sister for this homeschool link, Alhamdulillah very beneficial.

-Umm Hana

My name is umm Abdullah, I live in London. I’m 25 and I went through a divorce halfway through my pregnancy with my first son Alhamdulila.. I just want to say jakhallahu kairan ukti, May Allah bless you and your family with janatul fardos ameen

Your website inspired me and encoraged me to homeschool, my son is 9 months and with allahs guidence your website has given me confidence and a can do attitude to homeschooling, cultivating and bringing up my child. Please keep it up and free for single mothers like me on low income. May Allah bless you greatly for your help. 🌹🌺🌸

-Umm Abdullah

My First Curriculum by UmmAssadHomeSchool is a lovely introduction for you and your toddler as you begin your home education journey. It is unique as it covers the basic learning objectives in a simple and charming way. I especially like how all the letters are introduced in different ways to make it interesting and varying.
It introduces the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours, time as well as some basic Science and Geography.
I like that there is more scope for learning for the little ones
And it can also serve as a revision for the older ones. My two and four year old will both enjoy it as there is bits for both ages.
Asalaamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wa barakatu.
This is a review about the Umm Assad Home school ‘My First Curriculum’ package.
The first thing I noticed is that it is nice and colourful, which is great for catching the eye of your little ones. There is a wide range of topics included in the pack, ensuring your child is introduced to a mixture of subjects. The sheets can be used in any order, printed separately or as a workbook. I would recommend this package as it saves you time searching through different websites for worksheets, rather they are all in one place and you can print as many copies as you need.  Also Included are sheets you can cut out and make your own cards with too. So at a cheap price it is definitely worth it, don’t miss out!
-Umm Eesa

Assalaam alaikum,

Being a Muslim with two young children I appreciate the effort that has gone into this website. Home education is the route I am pursuing for my children and i’ve found lots of great resources here, I recommend this site to all homeschoolers no matter their faith.

-Married, Father

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