Reasons For Elective Home Education

Reasons For Elective Home Education

The following bullet points are taken from the .gov website. Please click here for further details.

Parents may choose home education for a variety of reasons. The local education authority’s primary interest lies in the suitability of parents’ education provision and not their reason for doing so. The following reasons for home educating are common, but by no means exhaustive:

  • Distance or access to a local school
  • Religious or Cultural beliefs
  • Philosophical or ideological views
  • Dissatisfaction with the system
  • Bullying
  • As a short term intervention for a particular reason
  • A child’s unwillingness or inability to go to school
  • Special educational needs
  • Parents’ desire for a closer relationship with their children.

The following are several of many Reasons why Parents and Children are GLAD they chose to Homeschool:

  1. Parents and children are not obliged to follow or teach the National Curriculum (including tests)
  2. Parents can provide a more suitable and personalised education for their children
  3. Parents can change what and how they teach at any time if their children are not comfortable
  4. Parents can help prepare their children for higher education
  5. Parents have better control of what their children are learning and are exposed to
  6. Parents learn new things too
  7. Parents and children can enjoy more family time
  8. Parents and children can be more flexible and fun
  9. Parents and children can travel abroad any time of the year
  10. Children can enjoy learning in the real world rather than in a formal setting
  11. Children receive more individual help and one to one time
  12. Children can work at their own pace in their own time
  13. Children have more time to join a variety of ‘suitable’ clubs thus make more ‘suitable’ friends
  14. Children develop better time management skills
  15. Children can pursue their wider goals and interests.



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