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Phonics and Words Bingo

About the file: 'Bingo' is a fun game in which players mark off numbers (in this case letters or words) on cards as they are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all the letters/words on their card. Use this resource with the previous post 'Phonics, Words &... Continue Reading →

’40 ‘ Puzzle Sentences (Three-Letter Nouns)

About the file: Children learn best when they are having fun, praised for their efforts and work at their own speed and style. This resource allows children to enjoy reading with the help of the short words/nouns, simple sentences and fun pictures. With the easy yet challenging set of 40 puzzles, your child will have... Continue Reading →

Over 200 Sight Words: Pre-K +

About the file: Sight Words are the most frequently repeated words that children come accross in their reading such as 'you', 'it', 'be', 'he' etc... Sight Words are critical to reading not only because they are used so frequently, but also because many of them cannot easily be sounded out or illustrated. Learning them helps children... Continue Reading →

Over 150 Free ‘Islamic’ Stickers!

About the file: An A4 'Islamic' themed sticker collection ready for high quality printing. Each sticker comes with a remembrance of Allah Ta'ala (dhikr) and in various colours and 4 different sizes; small, medium large and extra-large. An excellent resource as a reward for children or just covering an educational picture-making book that you just can't... Continue Reading →

Arabic Colouring Book

About the Book: This 'Arabic Colouring Book' introduces the Arabic alphabet in a fun and engaging way. It will help with letter recognition and encourages children to pronounce the correct sound of each letter by using most suitable illustrations and large letters, both of which can be coloured in. Alternatively, you can use this pack as... Continue Reading →

Health and Fitness for Children

Amongst many of the subjects we introduce and teach in homeschool, 'Health and Fitness' is an important subject which provides opportunity to build both physical confidence as well as healthy eating habits. This also enables children to build good character; children can learn discipline, respect, leadership and fairness to name a few. Health can be... Continue Reading →

‘Now I Know My A,B,C’ – Book

About the Book: 'Now I know my A, B, C' is an English Alphabet Book made to introduce the Alphabet in a fun and easy way. It encourages children to pronounce the sound of each letter (phonics) by using large letters (both capital and small) along with colourful illustrations. This book also helps with letter recognition. Alternatively,... Continue Reading →

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