Homeschool Timetables Samples

With all the talk about routines and schedules, it seems that there are more tasks to complete throughout our day than we have time for.

Understand the difference between ‘Routines’ and ‘Schedules’
Routines are more about our etiquettes and lifestyle throughout our days and week, a certain action that we implement on a regular basis regardless of its time; whereas Schedules are more of a structured plan that is set at a specific time. An example of a routine is ‘I read at least once a day’, and an example of a schedule is ‘I read everyday at 8am’.

I personally believe that everyone can benefit from a regular routine that they can use as a guideline (morning, afternoon and evening) but not everyone can work well with a schedule. I also believe in not being afraid to break routines to fit in higher priorities once in a while, yet the earlier we have a routine the better we can adjust.

What to include in your timetable
Your timetable depends on your priorities and family lifestyles etc. Thus when choosing what to include in your timetable, keep in mind that everyone is different and you’re not obliged to blind follow others; rather appreciate the difference, prioritise your needs and must dos because that’s what matters in the end. Also, try to keep your homeschool timetables separate from your other daily/weekly tasks. Here is a quick list of what to include:

  • Days of the week
  • Subjects
  • Topics
  • Activities
  • Breaks
  • Trips

Check out our Folders that include ‘Timetable Templates’ for both Parents and Child:

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 09.32.01

Homeschool Planner

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 09.44.50

Student Planner


Below are a few timetable samples that I collected from some lovely homeschooling mothers that were happy to share, May Allah Ta’ala reward them generously for their efforts. Ameen.
(click images to enlarge):

homeschool resources @daarattawheed1 (Reception - Grade Year 4)
Reception – Year 4 (Part 1) by @daarattawheed1
homeschool resources @daarattawheed1 (Grade Years 5 - 7)
Year 5 – Year 7 (Part 2) by @daarattawheed1
rehana homeschool weekly lesson plan
Timetable + Lesson plans by Sister Rehana
Saliha timetable
Weekly Timetable by Sister Saliha
zaynab timetable
Weekly Timetable by Sister Zaynab
Week Timetable by Umm Assad
Toddler Monthly Planner

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Jazaakom Allahu khair!


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